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Our chef-inspired, microwavable grits are a delicious option for any meal that will turn you Southern in Seconds®

A Simple Southern Side Dish Solution

Gracious Grits is the first and only chef-driven product that offers grits in microwavable minutes. Versatile for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our grits are made from all-natural ingredients. Perfect for working families and everyone else on the go, who crave homecooked, creamy, and delicious grits! Distributed by Lakeview Farms and located throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States.

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Southern in Seconds
Made With Wisconsin Cheddar

Direct to your door! Order online through Publix, Instacart and Shipt.


Ready to eat before you can even finish saying: "Southern in Seconds!"

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Delicious recipes using Gracious Grits are just a few clicks away!

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Fast and Delicious with a Gracious Touch!

Fixin’s for Gracious Grits

For Cheese Grits, Original Creamy Grits

Gracious Grits with Roasted Corn & Goat Cheese

For Cheese Grits, Original Creamy Grits

Gracious Grits Sausage & Egg Casserole

For Cheese Grits, Original Creamy Grits

Gracious Grits with Pesto & Tomato Gravy

For Cheese Grits, Original Creamy Grits

What Our Loyal Customers Have to Say

Thank you to customers who were either raised to love homecooked grits or came to love them as a result of our chef-driven product served in minutes.

This is totally my weekly breakfast plan since discovering Gracious Grits. You guys make, by far, the best grits I’ve ever eaten. They are absolutely perfect!

Christopher C. Mt. Pleasant, SC

I just want to tell someone that these are the best grits I think I’ve ever had. I am 86 yrs old and have been eating grits all my life. While eating them I found myself thinking of my Grandmother and they are as good as hers. That is the highest praise I could possibly give your grits. My Grandmother was a country girl from Georgia and the world’s greatest cook. Don’t ever change and I will buy your product for the next 86 yrs.I promise!

Jack W. Cottonwood, AL

We were looking for a little something to go with supper and saw Gracious Grits in the refrigerated section at Publix and decided we would give them a try. The grits were truly sensational! They were smooth, creamy and well seasoned. We are southern born & bred and you grits represent us well! We will definitely recommend them to family & friends.”

Jackie T. Panama City Beach, FL

”I just purchased your grits, never believing they would be good. I sure was in for a surprise, they are absolutely delicious and I definitely will buy them again. Thank you for a delicious product!

Sharon B. Nashville, TN

Just wanted to let you know I recently tried your grits! OMG!!! These are soooo good! Thanks for such a wonderful dish!

Debbi W. Chapin, SC

Just wanted to let y’all know how much we love Gracious Grits! Quick & delicious! Congrats for a winning product!

Joel C. Jacksonville, FL

I love your grits!! I recently purchased them as a BOGO at Publix. They have a great consistency and flavor. Thank you!

Carole H. Simpsonville, SC

Tried your cheese grits today. Amazing! Delicious! Exceptional taste! Thank you for such a great breakfast today!

Ruthmarie C. Daytona Beach, FL

‘I am a transplanted Yankee and never tried grits, but I realized it was mandatory when we were transferred to Savannah, GA. I still wasn’t thrilled with them until I purchased your product at my local Publix. I am now a convert1 I love grits, or should I say GraciousGrits! Thank you so much for your exceptional product! It is now a staple in my refrigerator!

Lori T. Savannah, GA

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Gracious Foods, LLC wants to hear from you. We welcome questions, inquiries, and suggestions from our valued customers.